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Well, I am finally home now from my little getaway trip with the SO.  He's probably back in New York now, and I am better rested (took a little 4 hour nap when I got home).

It was a great little vacation:  we stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, did some hiking in neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park, the SO did some fishing in Estes Lake, took a Ghost Tour on our last day, and I bought some cool rocks at a rock shop in town, a Celestite cluster and a Smokey Quartz cluster.  Staying at the hotel was nice, we stayed on the fourth floor, which is supposed to the be the most haunted floor in the hotel.  I left some candy for the two little child ghosts that are said to frequent the fourth floor, which housed the children and their nannies back in the day.  The hotel was built in 1907 and completed in 1909.  The hotel has seen a lot of prominent and famous guests, to include Pink, John McCain, Jim Carrey, Barbara Streisand, and of course, Stephen King, where he got the idea to write "The Shining" while he stayed there.  The ghosts at the Stanley are way more friendly then the ghosts of King's "Shining".  :-)

After we checked out, we drove down to Denver and checked into a hotel near the University of Denver.  We were there to do the Pat's Run, a run to commemorate and celebrate the short life of Pat Tillman.  The main run occurs in Tempe, Arizona, at Arizona State University (where Tillman went to school and played college football), while about 25 Shadow Runs occurred across the country, Denver being one of the locations for a Shadow Run.  We got our shirts earlier in the week, so we were ready to run.  :-)  It took place at nearby Washington Park where we did two laps (the 4.2 miles--his college football jersey # is 42) around the lakes there.  It's a really nice park!  I wish Laramie had such a park to run in.  After the run on Saturday, we hoofed it back to the hotel, showered and walked down to Dave & Busters and ate some lunch and played games all afternoon:  skee ball, NASCAR, air hockey, pool, horse racing, Ms. Pacman, some game where you had to shoot zombies, and I think my favorite, Jurassic Park, where you had to shoot the dinosaurs coming at you.  That was fun, especially when they actually got you (the 'screams'  and blood spurting everywhere were pretty funny!).  We stayed at the hotel a second night so I could just drive the SO to the airport and drop him off.  Then it was back to Laramie via Hwy 287, a nice scenic drive back to town.

The cats were pretty happy to see me  :-)   I really missed them; I was thinking about Darwin especially.  He can be such a cranky cat sometimes, but he can also be very loving, which he was when I walked in the door.

Now I'm just relaxing; I'm not even looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Having a week off was just what I needed though.  I'll be going to see the SO again next month to go to our last military ball.  My dress came in this week and it was waiting for me when I got home.  I tried it on and it fits great, but I want to try and lose a few pounds before the ball.  I'm going to wear the same shoes that I wore to my sister's wedding, so that's set--no new shoes to buy.  Maybe just a new purse and a wrap of some sort.  After that, I won't see him again until July, when he'll be home for GOOD.  Good!



Watching on tv right now on places to 'glamp'.  That's camping basically in lodges and not in your own tent and sleeping bag. 

Maybe...  but I still like my sleeping bag!

Anyway....  such a long time away from LJ!  I've been in a writer's block frame of mind for sooo long.  Work has been keeping me down in a way.  Still have an uncomfortable relationship (or lack of one) with my boss.  But I did get an outreach for another job on the Stanislaus NF in California...   cross your fingers!  I replied expressing interest, so hopefully I'll get a notice soon on how to apply and when.

Well, better drag myself to start cleaning this house.  The SO is coming in on Saturday for his block leave and I at least want to dust the place!


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Well, we got our third (?) helping of snow yesterday.  The day should be clear and we won't get any more snow until Saturday.  Just in time for the Wyoming/TCU game.  :-)

The SO is home on his R&R leave and it's nice having him home for a little while.  We went out and ran this morning in the snow, just a little over 3 miles.  But it was more of a workout because of the snow; just trying to plow through it added to the run.  I love running in it!

The SO went ahead and made two pumpkin pies from the pumpkins we bought last week for Halloween.  Our poor Headless Horseman pumpkin died a frozen death out on our stoop!  At least I was able to get a photo of it before it wilted away.  On Halloween we went to the Territorial Prison Park to take the Haunted Ghost Tour of Laramie.  They take us through the prison for a few stories, then we load up on a large flatbed truck that has bales of hay on it, then we take the 'hayride' through the historic district of downtown and we were treated to stories of old residents that were murdered, poisoned, or committed suicide on the streets and alleyways of Laramie.  They even recreated shootouts from the old west days.  Apprarently, that's how they carried out their justice--to include stringing up criminals to light poles!  We then headed back to the prison where we went into the main wing of the cellblock.  Some of the people were put in the cellblocks in groups!  All this was conducted in the dark, mind you, to add to the creepiness.  Of course, there were the occasional lurking ghosts or ghouls to leap out and yell at you as you walked through a corridor or hallway.  An added bonus was the reenactment of the two doctors dissecting the body of old Big Nose George, a convicted criminal who was strung up by the local populace after escaping from jail.  The skin from Bog Nose George was used to make shoes and a medical bag and his cranium was used as an ashtray!  (See my previous blog on Big Nose George--which was months ago, so you might have to scroll down a ways).  It was a clear, cold night and I was glad we weren't outside longer than we were!

And we had SIX trick-or-treaters come to our house!!!  Awesome!  Last year we had ZERO!  lol  I'm going to make myself sick eating the rest of the candy...



I have been thinking a lot lately about this date.

It's my birthday.  And it's the year I want to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro.  I want to see this mountain; one of those 'things to do before you die' kind of things.  Plus, I want to see the glaciers before they're gone forever.

I figure I'll have more than enough time to prepare for this trip, both mentally and physically.  Not to mention financially, too.  I'm going to have to shelve at least $6,000 towards this trip, so I need to save up until then. 

So that's my goal.  A goal I hope will happen.

Tori-way up North

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Well, it certainly has been awhile, hasn't it?

So much going on here.  Work has been keeping me so busy.  The SO is getting ready to come home next month on his R&R leave, and I have a new roommate.  V is a co-worker and fellow archy.  She's a seasonal but will be onboard until next March.  We are both similar in many ways as far as likes and interests, but when it comes to food, we couldn't be more opposite!  She's a vegetarian and eats all kinds of veggies I don't like :-).  

Anyway, it looks like V and I will be doing most of the end of season reports once all the seasonals leave, which is what we are supposed to be doing, but a little help could come from the new zone arch, and so far, this person really hasn't done much--and she's been here a month already.  

In other news, things have been going well out in the field.  We've already covered over 2,200 acres of survey area, which is pretty good for our WUI project (and it's not even close to being finished).  We've seen lots of moose too, the last three we saw on Thursday.  They crossed our transects in front of us from about 50 meters.  They were awesome to look at!

Friday was a field trip down to the Lindenmeier site in Colorado.  It's an extensive bison kill site and it was very cool to walk off the path and go up to the areas where they did the excavations.  To this day, they are still pulling out Folsom material!

Next week V and I will be heading out to the Thunder Basin National Grassland to participate in their Paleo PIT Project, a dinosaur dig!  I'm very excitied about that!  Will post pictures of it when I return.   


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Wow!  It's been over a month since I last checked in.  I've just been sooo busy with work; I am actually back in the field!!  Oh, but the days have been so long that I'm racking up quite a lot of credit hours.

Whew, so tired,  But it's a good tired, I'm happy to be back out in the woods; we're finding stuff and while M can test my patience every now and then, I can deal with him a lot better than Virginia can.  I attribute it to my experience in the military: I've had to put up with a LOT of bullshit when I was in uniform, so M is no problem!

Despite him, working with everybody else is good.  Even M on occasion can be okay.   Although, his site sketch maps kind of suck.  :-)


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Been away from LJ for awhile. 

Haven't really had a lot on my mind that I wanted to write down.  Everything's so-so, so nothing all that exciting I guess...  Well, I did get to go to another district last week and work.  It was nice seeing that part of the forest, albeit only a small portion of it, due to the high amount of snow still lingering around.

We did go check out a previous site of tipi rings and I found this on the surface:

Obsidian flake, ventral and dorsal sides.